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Insurance Planning by Mehra Investment

About Insurance Planning and its importance

Insurance planning is the process of carefully selecting insurance policies to financially protect yourself, your family members, assets, etc., against unexpected losses. Insurance can help alleviate financial burdens that often occur when unexpected circumstances arise, safeguarding your home, income, and other assets.

Without thorough insurance planning, you can be financially exposed to uncertain life events. Proper planning lets you identify the key risks that may impact your life and choose the insurance policies that cover those risks. This sort of preparation and management of life risks is essential to monetarily safeguard yourself and your family in the long run.


1. Coverage against risks with illness, accidents, death, etc.

2. Different types of insurance coverage like health insurance plans that offer coverage for medical emergencies, hospitalisation expenses, medications, doctor consultations, etc and life insurance plans or personal accident insurance for coverage against premature death and Motor insurance allows you to cover your vehicles against theft, road accidents, third-party liabilities etc.

3. Insurance planning provides financial protection by compensating for the losses you face due to covered emergencies.

Insurance Planning are classified into following categories:

Life Insurance:

Term Insurance:

Education Guaranteed Plan:

Money Back Plan:

Whole Life Money Back Plan: